General Cars Syndicate Goals


Our main focus is in securing the safe transport of pilgrims for the journey of the holy area and trips between cities in a safe and accessible way through the following elements:

1) Increase the activation of companies transporting pilgrims for their plans and operational programs.

2.) Preparing plans and studies necessary for transportation.

3.) Control the transport services provided by the transport companies for pilgrims in direct coordination.

4.) Application of safety instructions and standards during the stages of transporting pilgrims and follow up.

5.) Providing maintenance and operation services on the roads and cities of pilgrimage and holy sites.

6.) Provision of diverse and multi-level transport services.

7.) Evolution of work procedures during the implementation stages and follow) up.

8.) Develop the performance of workers and continue monitoring and evaluation.


Our goals in the Syndicate​

1.) Diversify road transport activities by opening up new areas of transport.

2.) Creating a competitive environment between the providers of land transport services (transport companies pilgrims) to improve the quality of services provided.

3.) Sustainable development of human resources and increase their efficiency and increase their effectiveness to be able to provide services professionally and specialists where needed.

4.) Comprehensive technical application of all areas of work in the union to reach the concept of "electronic union".

5.) Drawing up the provisions of the new system to regulate the transfer of pilgrims in accordance with future plans through participation in the preparation, implementation and evaluation.

6.)  The shuffle transportations have been completed to all Te​wafa Establishments.

7.) Localization and rehabilitation of the technical and administrative workforce of companies transporting pilgrims and achieving Saudization rate according to standard rates of similar activities.​